since 1986

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Our workshop is prepared to work with all kinds of materials to manufacture all the parts of the projects, which are designed in our Technical Office. Thanks to our broad relationship of machinery, DEIMA has been able to specialize in the machining of all types of Steel (F-1110, F-1140, F-5220, etc.), Structural Tubes as ST-37, ST-42 and ST-52, all kinds of Aluminium, Bronze and Stainless Steels, all types of Plastics (Nylon, Delrin, Söder-Ol, POM-C, etc.), PETG, Polycarbonate and Anti-static Polycarbonate, as well as some other more specific important materials, such as PKT-117.

DEIMA obtains more flexibility and immediate response to any need. This allows us to reduce the delivery time of the manufacturing processes and this means an improvement in the overall project planning. The Customer is therefore doubly benefited, knowing that our ability to react to any setback is very short, which means a higher level of satisfaction and confidence in our products and services.

Thanks to our CNC Machining Centres, we can manufacture without any problem all parts and masks in 3D using CAD-CAM software technology, with any type of material specified by our Technical Office and guaranteeing the success in each project according to the specialty.