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Assembly & Test Systems Turnkey Projects


We carry out a global project management to offer turnkey solutions, going through strategic Planning and a thorough control of costs and delivery dates.
Own DEIMA Design and Simultaneous Engineering according to Customer’s Specification, including Detail Engineering and Product Development with Mechanical Design, Fluids Engineering, Electrical Design and Software Programming.
Our Mechanical Engineering Department and Research, Development and Innovation Department have broad experience in special machinery design, pneumatic, hydraulics and automation. Our engineers always look for the innovation in each project, using the following technologies: 3D Parts, Subunits & Sets Design, 3D Groups of Product Catalogues & 2D Drawings, Failure Modes & Effects Analysis, 3D Simulation Tools, Finite Element Analysis and Prototyping.
DEIMA integrates the most suitable control systems and items for your industrial process, able to operate under hard working conditions with absolute reliability. Our technicians ensure the proper functioning of the Machines, obtaining a reduced and easy maintenance. In this field we carry out Electrical Schemes Design, Management in the Choice of Items, Electrical Cabinets Assemblies, Electrical Installations and Industrial Maintenance.
In this field our analysts and programmers develop the most suitable and easy application software for our machines, working with the development programs specified by the Customer. This includes the Data Acquisition and Data Management as well as the Statistics Control. Our Tailor-Made Software includes Programmable Logic Controllers, Touch-Sensitive Screens, PC’s, Robotics, Artificial Vision, Servo Systems, Frequency Converters, Computer Numerical Control, etc.
In our own workshop we carry out all the manufacturing processes, including the Machining of Parts using our CNC Machines and CAD-CAM Software, the MIG Welding & ARC Welding of big frames and middle-sized parts and the Painting of Parts.
Our mechanical assemblers and specialist technicians supervise the manufacturing process and assemble the final subunits and sets, verifying the correct functioning of the entire process. First, the Machines are validated internally in DEIMA, carrying out the Assemblies, Adjustments and Tests necessaries for the Customer Validation. Subsequently, our specialized technicians move to the Customer’s Factory to carry out the Adjustments and Commissioning of the Machines, in order to achieve the Final Customer Validation. The Production Department manages the After-Sale Service and Maintenance, as well as the possible Modifications, Updates and Repairs of existing Machinery.
Using specialized Companies, DEIMA offers as an additional service the managing of Certified Calibrations for Precision Measurement and Instrumentation Equipment of our Customers, for their Laboratories or for their Quality Departments.